Monday, November 22, 2010

Healthy kids and the Holidays

A very busy week last week with two very sick kiddos and one worn out mama. Just in time though everyone has fully recovered for Thanksgiving. Not to worries, while sick kids kept me from posting a blog update they did not keep me from knitting!

I worked on this cute little sweater to go with the 0-3 month Harrison set pictured earlier. This pattern is actually one I am testing and I love it already, so easy to work with and fully customizable. This little sweater is actually finished now just waiting to be blocked tomorrow and then buttons sewn on when it is finished. As soon as the set is done I promise some final project pictures.

Christmas is just around the corner and this year I plan to give as many handmade items as I can. I knocked two items off my list last week as well. These pictures are close-ups so to hopefully keep the items mostly a surprise for the recipients. I'm not sure if any family reads the blog but in case they do I don't want to fully ruin the surprise. As soon as the gifts are given I will post the full pictures and details about yarn and patterns. I also finished my part of a super secret project no pictures of that though until the gift has been given.

We just got back from a trip to CHB tonight. I had to take V down for her neurpopsych test, the test went really well and turned up a few things I need to address with her IEP team. Her speech is still delayed (no real surprise there) but the doctor also uncovered a fine motor skills delay and we need to get an OT eval to start working on that ASAP. She did amazing during the testing and was such a good girl, I was so proud of her. We celebrated with some alphabet cookies from Trader Joe's and little stuffed pony from Lakeshore Learning Store next door (where we also got some fat pencils and a fat pencil sharpener to help with writing). The doctors upped her
 second med again and I think (knock on wood) that we are seeing fewer seizures a day and even more seizure free days -- however the seizures have changed a bit and she now vocalizes during them and tries to clutch at something in the air or behind her back with her right hand. We still have a few more weeks to go before we are fully dosage strength so we'll see what happens, but I am feeling more positive about this medicine this week. Next up is the surgical consult next month with the surgeon, we should have a lot more answers after that.

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