Monday, November 29, 2010

Knitting Machine

Well I'm not really a knitting machine but I have finished a few projects since Thanksgiving and that always makes me feel good! I finished the Euclid Cardigan for the Harrison set. The buttons are 3 different Peter Rabbit buttons that match perfectly. I am so happy with the way this set came out and this colorway is simply amazing -- no pooling at any point and the depth of color is amazing. I also finished up a super secret Secret Auntie project the close-up of the project is below no final shots yet for this one. One more Christmas gift has been crossed of my list as well, with another super duper close-up for now, when the gift has been given I will post the full shot and details on the pattern.

We are currently battling with insurance about V's meds, they feel that she is taking too many of one particular pill (a very expensive medicine even in generic form) so everytime we go to get the prescription filled they fight us about it and delay filling it to call the doctor, then only give us two weeks worth at a time so I have to repeat this whole insane dance every two weeks. It is all very frustrating. We also discovered the next year our out of pocket will be raised to $5,000, up from $3,000 this year and our prescrition coverage will be once again covering less of a percentage. In the last three years the small raise my husband gets yearly has not even covered our increasing heathcare costs. I am thankful to have insurance but for the amount we pay monthly on top of our out of pocket costs and our prescriptions costs healthcare takes up over 35% of our monthly budget!
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Lindsi said...

Cant wait! I have been checking the mail everyday with anticipation!