Saturday, November 6, 2010

Same same, but different

My sister used to live in Singapore and many times when you asked a street vendor if they had another of an item they would go back into their shop area and come out with something the same color but a totally different size, or the same size but a totally different item and insist it was "same same, but different". I think that perfectly describes not only the hats I just knit but how our week has gone. Each day same, same but different. We haven't had a seizure free day yet this week and the seizures haven't been following any kind of pattern like they normally do. Some days they began at 3am other days they didn't start until noon, some days they happened every hour or so other days she got longer breaks. Not entirely sure what that means medicine wise, it is so hard to tell if that means the medicine is starting to work or if this medicine can be added to our ever growing list of ineffective anti-seizure medicines.

I finished the two hats for sisters. They are both knit with Mosiac Moon Morwenstow on Aran BFL and I love how they match but still look different. I did a little loop at the top to make them easy to take on and off and easy to hang up and keep with mittens. These will be shipping out on Monday!

I've also had more time to work on the Meadow Lilley, it still doesn't look like much but I should have the waist done this evening and after that you will see how it takes shape. I need to get working on this, it is my item to stock at Their Own Knitted world this Thursday!

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