Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Round and round

Just a few work in progress shots for today. The first is the first in a set of hats from the same colorway for a friend. These are both the Ky Baby Ear Flap hat done with MM Morwenstow on Aran BFL. The hat pictured is actually finished now and I just began the ear flaps for the second hat.

I am also working on a Meadow Lily top by Lynne of Cabbages and Kings size 12 months knit with Olivia on Licorice Twist this will be for instock next Thursday at Their Own Knitted World. No pictures of that yet, I'm not that far into the pattern so it doesn't look like much more then some colors on a knitting needle right now.

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and in honor of that I've turned the blog Lavender for the month.  We had a rough day here today with Vivian, she started with seizures at 2 am and had one about every hour or so.  We have a new medicine they gave us to stop this cycle when it begins (this is called a cluster) and usually one dose stops them.  Today it took 3 before they finally stopped at 1ish today.  Long day and I am hoping this doesn't start a new trend when it comes to her seizures.
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