Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Long time no post -- but things were a wee bit crazy for a bit. Two weeks ago my youngest had a seizure and we ended up in Boston for a week while they tried to figure out why she had such a long seizure that caused swelling in her brain. She is doing well now and we have plenty of follow up appointments in Boston to keep an eye on her, but it put my knitting behind by about a week. When we took her to the ER I had no idea we would end up in Boston 24 hours later for a week, so I only had one project with me.

Here are the MM Selkie longies and the hat - I reknit the other leg with the size 8 needles so they both match now. These are still drying and I am putting the ties on the booties tonight. They should be ready to head out soon.

Here are the MM Woodland in Spring longies and hat, again these are still drying and I am finishing up the booties so they should be ready to ship soon (to the same mama).

Here is a custom pair done on a worsted weight superwash yarn that had three different strands of variegated yarn twisted together sent to my by Kim -- it created a beautiful variegated pair of longies that are nice and thick and should resist pilling and felting. These are almost dry as well, hopefully they will be dry enough tomorrow for me to add the drawstring and ship them out. I will get some better close up pictures then as well so you can see how pretty this yarn knit up.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Myself and the mama these are for were not happy with the way the yarn was pooling so I reworked one leg to see if I could fix it. I think I did but I am just posting this so she can check it out and let me know. The left hand leg is 42 stitches on size 7 needles with yarn knit from the center of the cake, the right hand leg is 40 stitches on size 8 needles knit from the outside of the cake (basically I frogged the leg and wound the ball so the yarn I would start the leg with had originally been on the bottom of the leg.

And here are the fall longies, they don't look much different than before because the 1" that I have knit on the legs so far has curled up on itself. Look for more pictures soon!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I began working on these Monday. I am just about to split for the legs. I have tonight off so hopefully tomorrow I will have a nice picture of some leg progress.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

This was originally written to be posted on the 5th for some reason Blogger or Picasa saved it as a draft and when I realized it this morning the pictures were missing so I have re-posted it. I apologize to any customers that I directed to the blog to see updated pictures -- I didn't realize that the post had not gone up!

September 5, 2008
Sorry another long time between updates. Mama's been sick with a cold and my youngest is getting her eye teeth still so she is very clingy, today she seems to be feeling better so I am getting a chance to get pictures up while she snacks at the table.

Here are the MM Selkie newborn longies. The second leg on these kept pooling really bad so I had to rip it out a few times before I found the combination that kept that leg from pooling so badly. I still have to do the hat and booties to match and get the waistband sewn in -- I should have the hat done by tomorrow and the booties for both pairs begun.

Here is the progress on the WWbN Barrel of Monkeys. I have about an inch left before I switch to the trim color to make the 1.5" cuff as requested. The colors in this are very nice and I love how the non-pooling pattern kept up for the legs, usually a yarn doesn't do that and creates a different pattern for the legs. Another project that should be done this weekend.

These went out yesterday! This is a newborn set on purewool Cyan and black colorway with matching black and cyan trim.

And these are ready to go just waiting for a shipping address. This is a small pair longies and a hat done on Mosaic Moon Kettle Dyed Rainbow with Black.

Now that I am starting to feel better and V seems to be happier I will hopefully be able to update more than once a week!
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I finished the WWbN Barrel of Monkeys longies, they came out very cute. These are being lanolized right now and will be ready to go towards the end of the week. These are the first pair I have made with Black Berry Ridge merino and I really like it, I plan to pick some up for instock and to make V some woolies.

The hat is now complete for the newborn set on Mosaic Moon Selkie. I haven't weaved ends yet because I have not heard yet if the little bit of pooling on the legs is okay. I am working on the booties to match right now.
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