Thursday, December 11, 2008

These are pictures from early last week that I finally had a chance to upload. Things have been a bit nutty here with my seasonal night job and some medical issues going on with family. Hopefully I will be posting more soon!

This pair of longies shipped out last week. They are done with a small ruffle in WSK Cake colorway. I hope the mama enjoys them, I was just able to squeak out the length needed (there was NONE of the main colorway left and only about 6" of the trim colorway left).

I am also working on lengthening some shorties I did last summer for a customer -- pictures to come soon, they are out in my traveling knitting bag in the truck.

These longies are part of a trade they are being knit on 3ply purewool dyed by Kimi of A Twisted Stitch in her Campbell Shore colorway. It is so pretty and the colors are wonderful. The trim is a some 3 ply purewool dyed in a dark brown, I think it sets off the main colorway nicely.

And some new yarn arrivals. Some of this is spoken for already, but some skeins will be available for customs in the future.

Mosaic Moon on Merino in the Ming colorway

Mosaic Moon on Targhee in the Goblin colorway

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