Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Pictures as promised.

First the crocheted longies. These are from singly ply purewool -- not sure what colorway as I bought this off of a for sale or trade board -- but it is so pretty.

Next is a knit pair still in progress. The picture from www.100purewool.com when I ordered
the picture of the yarn with the matching trim when I received it
It just looked so different to me and I was a bit disappointed I didn't expect it to be so pink (and I am NOT a pink person). I have been so surprised and am absolutely in love with the way this is knitting up - a beautiful combination of pinks, white, greens and browns. It makes me think of the gazebo in a rose garden near where I grew up (Elizabeth Gardens in West Hartford, CT). Hopefully these will be finished tomorrow and ready for the elastic waist band.

And my last bit of sharing for tonight and confirmation that I am a total dork! I finally got a ball winder and yes the first thing I did when I got it out of the box along with the other goodies (some Fixation sock yarn by Cascade and a sweater stone) was to take a picture. My first ball winder *sigh* I am getting closer and closer to being a "knitter" Yippee next big purchase will be a swift! Isn't it so pretty :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Some pants for V

Poor little V grew like a weed while I was doing my last round of customs so I am taking a small break from customs to make my little one some pants that aren't high waters. I finished a crocheted pair 2 days ago (but I did have a had start I had started the legs about 2 months ago) -- my crochet works still needs lots of practicing! I then started a knit pair in 3ply purewool the colorway is called magyar and it is knitting up amazingly beautiful, I can't wait until those are done. On deck is either a crocheted pair with some ella rae yarn that my mother gave V, or a random stripey knit yarn using up my peace fleece scraps.

I will post pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Calisto longies are done

They are lanolizing right now as I type and will be drying in a bit. Here they are finished, this colorway is really pretty and I plan to order some to make a skirty this summer for my youngest -- it would be too cute with a set of tees embellished with Heather Ross's fish in bags and pet shop cuties. Off to order some more purewool (not that I really need MORE).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year, another year has passed. I finished the grey longies a few days after christmas, they are shipping tomorrow. I need to figure out how to take some nice longies pictures in the winter, this photo does not do them justice.

I also started a pair of longies for trade. These are made from 3ply 100purewool in Calisto. I really like the new 3ply purewool I bought some to make DD some longies and can't wait! Here is the calisto in the skein.
And the way they looked on the 28th of December -

And how they look tonight. Although I do have a confession I had about 3" of the legs done on the 30th and thought "hmmm them rise looks longer than 15.5 inches" took a measurement and it was 18" oppsy so I frogged them and started over :) Now the measurements are perfect.