Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quick update

Computer is still broken hopefully it will come home soon.

AJane - Turning Leaves is finished and drying pictures to come soon (if I can get the computer to cooperate). I will be casting on Iced Giraffes next week
S.A. - Scrappies are cast on will begin working on body soon
S.L. - Cast on and began working on body
LilaC - working away on the sweater :)
Erica - getting some help with the design from a friend

I have a lot here ready to ship the YPI longies are finished and drying and will be ready to ship soon and the rework of the Campbell Shore longies are almost dry and will ship in the next few days. It's been rather damp and raining off and on here the last few days so the wool is taking a bit longer to dry.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me again!

S.A. - shipping tomorrow, all other yarn has arrived just waiting on trim
AJane - need to PM you for the style of ruffle you would like one leg will be done once I add the ruffle :)
Samilyn - shipping tomorrow

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quicky update

Had a chance to hop on today for a quick update:

S.A. longies are ready to go and will be shipped Saturday when I can get to the PO (can't print postage right now without our laptop). Winter Solstice and MM scrappies are here.

AJane - I was fighting some pooling and color stacking with Falling Leaves, I finally have the colors looking nice and am breezing through the body hope to be ready to split for the legs tonight.

Samilyn - hat is drying now from blocking

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Computer issues

My daughter has managed to crash our laptop -- it needs to be sent in to be repaired so communication may be a bit sparse until it comes back to us. I will do my best to keep customers updated

S.A. - longies are drying and will be ready to ship soon
AJane - working on turning leaves longies
Samilyn - finishing hat everything will go out this week