Wednesday, April 23, 2008

'Retro Robots' is done

The 'Retro Robot' set is done and I will be posting it for sale first on diaperswappers and if no one buys it there I will put it up on etsy. The yarn used is Belladonna's Retro on Aran BFL, the shirt I purchased this winter off of ebay -- it is brand new but my tag obsessed older daughter pulled the tag off. If you want more details feel free to e-mail me.And here is the gallery shot of the peace fleece shorties pairs 2-5, the sixth pair is going on the needles tonight!

Monday, April 21, 2008

MIA for a bit but I'm back!

Sorry for the delay in updates I had a quick trip to Boston and CT two weeks ago and since then we've been sick with either a cold and/or allergies. But here I am with tons of pictures and lots of completed projects.

First a newborn Beanie I did as a trade. This is done with Italian cashmere trim and Sushi Sonnets yarn (not sure who dyed it). This was shipped today.

Next the blue peace fleece longies, these took the trip to MA/CT with us accidentally (I forgot they were in my knitting bag) and I am glad they did I got to take a great picture of them in full sun -- you can see the color here great -- a nice denim blue with a few small flecks of black.

The fifth pair of peace fleece shorties partially done in CT.
The shorties that will be part of a set (hopefully I will finish these tomorrow and post them sometime this week for sale). These go with a cute little robot shirt. The colorway is Retro by Belladonna so the set will be Retro Robot. This picture does the colors justice, hopefully I can finish these while we still have such great sun here in Maine for a great deck picture of the set.
And the four completed pairs of peace fleece shorties just before their bath and lanolizing tonight. The mama already has one pair. Two more pairs of peace fleece shorties left -- which color will be next?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Knittin' knittin'

So much to post tonight!

First the Fathers Grey Peace Fleece shorties are finished, ends weaved, crotch grafted -- drawstring done but not threaded through yet. I finished these Monday but my computer and the card reader had a bit of a spat, it seems fixed for now but we'll see.

I started another pair of peace fleece shorties. This colorway is a nice deep blue color -- I will go look up the name on the other skien tomorrow.

I also bought some Klean Kanteen sippy cups for the girls and while they loved them they didn't like picking them up cold AND since they were identical L would keep getting mad at V for taking "her" cup. So I made some Kanteen Kozies while the girls were down for their naps. The blue one is for L and the pink one is for V -- both girls love them. V has already figured out to leave the blue one alone and L no longer hordes both cups to keep V from using "hers".

And last some beautiful action shots of the rainbow shorties I finished last week. Thanks mama!