Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Knittin' knittin'

So much to post tonight!

First the Fathers Grey Peace Fleece shorties are finished, ends weaved, crotch grafted -- drawstring done but not threaded through yet. I finished these Monday but my computer and the card reader had a bit of a spat, it seems fixed for now but we'll see.

I started another pair of peace fleece shorties. This colorway is a nice deep blue color -- I will go look up the name on the other skien tomorrow.

I also bought some Klean Kanteen sippy cups for the girls and while they loved them they didn't like picking them up cold AND since they were identical L would keep getting mad at V for taking "her" cup. So I made some Kanteen Kozies while the girls were down for their naps. The blue one is for L and the pink one is for V -- both girls love them. V has already figured out to leave the blue one alone and L no longer hordes both cups to keep V from using "hers".

And last some beautiful action shots of the rainbow shorties I finished last week. Thanks mama!

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