Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year, another year has passed. I finished the grey longies a few days after christmas, they are shipping tomorrow. I need to figure out how to take some nice longies pictures in the winter, this photo does not do them justice.

I also started a pair of longies for trade. These are made from 3ply 100purewool in Calisto. I really like the new 3ply purewool I bought some to make DD some longies and can't wait! Here is the calisto in the skein.
And the way they looked on the 28th of December -

And how they look tonight. Although I do have a confession I had about 3" of the legs done on the 30th and thought "hmmm them rise looks longer than 15.5 inches" took a measurement and it was 18" oppsy so I frogged them and started over :) Now the measurements are perfect.

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