Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The first hat is done and the second is mostly done and should be finished tomorrow.  No picture as it looks much like the first hat (same colorway).

Another long day for poor V, at least the seizures didn't start until 4am so she got more sleep, but she averaged about one an hour again today.  We are still waiting on a call for her Neuropsych test, I plan to give them another call tomorrow and see when we can get this scheduled.  We can't do anything else until that test is done.  My biggest worry now is leaving her alone, she has recently started trying to find me during her seizures and since she isn't totally aware of what she is doing and she doesn't have full control of her limbs she falls down a lot.  I have nightmares about her trying to go down the basement stairs to find me while having a seizure.

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