Friday, October 29, 2010


]No pictures for now, perhaps later if I can get the two littles to take their afternoon nap together.  I finished the longies, booties and hat for the 0-3 month set.  I am going to be testing a sweater pattern for the cardigan so I am just waiting for the pattern and I will start the sweater.  This set is going to be adorable and I can't wait until it is finished.  TFK Harrison makes a stunning set like this and because it is kettle dyed I have had no issues with pooling at all.

I also wound yarn last night for two hats that I am hoping I can knock out this weekend, just waiting to hear back on the style the customer would like.

On the V front we are finally at the therapeutic dose for Lamictal, so far this week we've only had two days of seizures.  Which is far better then the prior weeks with only one or two days seizure free, so I am hopeful the Lamictal will calm things down a lot for her seizure wise until she can have the surgery.    She still uses the bathroom a lot but I can deal with that side effect if it means that we have better seizure control, and maybe it is a temporary side effect that will go away in a month or so -- we'll see.

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