Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making it personal

In the past this blog has been strictly business (for the most part). I am going to start taking things in a slightly different direction from here on out and begin to blog a bit more about the journey my family is on, as well as my knitting. My family and friends know the roller coaster our life has been since September 2008 but I think it is time I share a bit of that with my customers. During this time my knitting has often been a form of therapy for me, it gives me time to be quiet with my thoughts and still feel productive.

My middle daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy in late 2008 when she was about 18 months old. Specifically she has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy caused by Mesial temporal sclerosis. Since the diagnosis her seizures have become progressively worse. In 2008 she was having 1-2 a month, in 2009 she was having 1-2 a week, and this year her average is closer to 1-2 a day (on a good day, bad days can be upwards of 6). Seizure free days are not common at all, seizure free weeks are rare and we have never had a seizure free month. Medicine has not been successful at controlling her seizures. In June of this year after much thought and debate we decided to begin the process to determine if she would be a candidate for epilepsy surgery. In mid-September of this year we completed the Phase I testing, within the next few weeks we should be hearing how we need to proceed.

Through all of this our daughter has been an amazing. She is a trooper and nothing seems to phase her. She is a happy, friendly and tough little girl. She brings light and love to our family and to the doctors and nurses we work with. I hope and pray that she will be a candidate for surgery and it will provide her with a better future.

We have been dealing with this for awhile and it is just recently that I felt comfortable sharing our journey. I hope that by blogging a bit more about what our family is dealing with I can provide support for any other families going through something similar.

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