Monday, October 25, 2010

Working away!

A quick preview shot of the XL Ewe Need Color Dark Chopsticks no Pink longies. They are still a tad wet so I have not put the drawstring through yet -- hopefully tomorrow they will be ready to go and I can put the drawstring in and do the final photos of them.

I am working now on a 0-3 month set with Tree Frog Knits Harrison colorway on 3 ply purewool. This colorway is amazing and the pictures do it no real justice, there is a subtle depth of color my camera just does not capture. This is going to be a stunning set when it is finished. Halfway done with the second leg and planning on finishing these up tonight and moving on to the booties.

Not much going on at the family front. We are still waiting for calls to schedule V's neuropsych evaluation and our consult with the neurosurgeon, hopefully we will get a call this week!

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