Monday, October 18, 2010

I win!

Here is my latest project. A pair of XL longies done for a charity auction winner. Progress has been a bit slow on the first leg because I was fighting some color stacking going on, but last night I finally figured out the magic combination the fixed that. I should be able to finish up these legs quickly now that I know how to keep them from pooling (knock on wood sometimes new magic must be found for the second leg).

On the family front I've spent a large portion of the day on the phone with various doctors, therapists and with the group the oversees my daughters IEP gathering everything I need for the neuropsych evaluation. When we first began this journey I always mentally scratched my head at the parents in the Neurologist waiting room with binder just filled to bursting with information. Now I get it. We started our notebook about 2 months ago and it is definitely full (but not bursting). It has a been a huge help, I can quickly look up information about speech therapy, assesments done and the results, medicines used for sedation and any reactions noted, procedures done and their dates and I keep monthly printouts from right in the front. For any families dealing with epilepsy I can't recomend enough I am able to organize medication information, keep a seizure log and keep track of apointments and procedure dates. Whenever we are going to an apointment I print off the log for the last month and show it to the doctor, from those reports we've been able to make changes in doses and when we give her those meds that have helped us gain a bit more control over the seizures. (Please note I am not affiliated with that site at all this is just a true and legitimate review of a great site)
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