Sunday, October 17, 2010

An adorable top and some fantastic news!

I put the finishing touches and blocked a top I've been testing for Lynne of Cabbages of Kings. This is the Meadow Lily and is such a cute top for little girls, it looks adorable with a top underneath for winter and just as cute without the top.

We also had a call today from one her doctors and our daughter has been approved to go forward with the surgery. She will be having the ECoG surgery done, not sure on dates yet I imagine that will be at least 6 months from now, but I am excited (and nervous, scared and worried) that she gets this chance. I could mean that a few years from now Epilepsy is just a distant memory for our family. Next step we have to do a neuropsych test and meet with the surgeon to discuss the procedure, risks and projected outcomes.


kquilts said...

Love this top - so cute!!

sarena said...

just found your blog. love the new top!!
best for V!