Friday, May 9, 2008

Temporarily back

Computer purchase has been put on hold (I am determined to buy it with my knitting money alone) but I did manage to get my laptop to work with some more cardboard and some tape -- so for now we are good :)

Here are the finished Fluff Ball Auction longies, the yarn was hand dyed by A Twisted Stitch and knit up by myself. I love the colorway very rich and the yarn knit up with a nice thickness -- I am already dreaming up colorways for V on this yarn for her night woolies. These should be shipping on Monday (taking the weekend off as tomorrow is V's 1st birthday celebration and Sunday is of course Mothers Day)!

No pictures yet but I am working on a test pattern for a sheepy time skirty -- very cute if I do say so and I can't wait to finish it and try it on V.

I also cast on the last pair of peace fleece longies today -- no pictures as I hadn't cast them on when I took the photos this afternoon but there will be some soon!

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