Thursday, May 22, 2008

Newborn set done!

The newborn capris and soaker are done and will be mailed out tomorrow (had a cranky baby today and couldn't get a post office run in).
I also finished a pair of small shorties and a newborn soaker that I will be putting up for sale tonight on Diaperswappers. I was enjoying doing some smaller girly things and kept the trend up. These are knit with 3ply 100 purewool in the Colibri II colorway.

And lastly I finished this skirty last week but hadn't posted pictures officially yet. This is a tester for the new Sheepy Time Knits Skirty pattern she is writing, it is super cute on V and I really liked the pattern. This is done on Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino the skirt is in the Gwendolyn colorway and the trim and soaker are in the Isolde colorway.

As you can see V likes it as well :) I see a few more of these in our future for this summer!

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