Friday, May 16, 2008

Another post and run...

I managed to get my computer to behave for a bit longer (just wait for the pictures below it is pretty comical). So I figured I would jump at the chance to post some pictures and do some updates.

First this is a pair of shorties done on Rodeo BFL in the colorway Elliot with some dark brown trim. These colorways always make me want a boy -- although doing a really girly skirty in a colorway like this would be interesting. These are drying now and should be ready to ship tomorrow or Monday.

Today I received a skein of Mosiac Moon Snow blossom on 3ply Uruguay Merino, this is for a newborn soaker and a pair of small capris. I just cast the newborn soaker on this afternoon and I am so excited to be knitting some itty bitties again.

These are the last 2 pairs of peace fleece shorties. I have the drawstrings done I just haven't threaded them through yet, these will be leaving for their new home soon. Not sure why they are sideways they aren't like that in my iPhoto I will come back and fix that when I get a chance.
And now for the comic relief. Here is what it takes to get a G3 iBook with a failing video chip to limp along for just a bit longer. What you are seeing here is a G3 700mhz iBook (my baby) that has about 4 layers of cardboard behind the video chip keeping the chip in contact with the logic board, then there is duct tape holding the now bulging sides together, some medical tape down by the touch pad keeping those edges together. And the star of the show one of DH's wood working clamps that I borrowed from him today to put pressure in *just* the right place to keep this puppy working until I have knit enough to buy a replacement. It looks totally bizarre but it works, and for a laptop that cost me $48 and I love dearly the awkwardness it creates doesn't bother me. We are actually planning to replace this iBook with an identically refurbished one it is perfect for our needs and other than the chip issue (which you can see below I know how to McGyver for awhile) it is great!

Really I will be sad when we get our new one -- but it will give me a chance to open the back of this one and attempt to bond the chip back to the logic board.

So that is it for now hopefully I will be able to keep the updates coming more frequently (with the help of the clamp).

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