Saturday, October 13, 2007


Wow who ever thought it would be so hard to keep your computer connected to the interent you pay good money for. After almost two days on the phone we finally have it figured out and barring any misshaps on Verizon's end it should stay that way.

Here is the progress pictures on the peace fleece longies for Wednesday.

And here they are tonight. If I can get a good day or night of work in these should be done tomorrow, if I can't than definately by Sunday. I have to say I love working with Peace Fleece, sure it isn't as soft as Purewool but there is something really earthy about it. As odd as it sounds I feel connected to the animals that produced the wool when I knit with it, probably because of the occasional bits of hay and sticks spun into the yarn. I am looking forward to picking up some more to make a nice night pair of longies for Vivian. I've included a front view and a back view so you can see the shaping through the bum.

The front
And the back

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