Sunday, December 12, 2010

How I hate going out in the cold...

So I stayed in all day yesterday and knit. I just finished these, they need to go out ASAP to hopefully make it to Canada in time for a little boys birthday at the end of the month so these are unblocked and I will simply use some spray lanolin in the wet zone to make them ready to wear. The flash really picked up the white and makes it look like these have some kind of stripey pooling going on but in real life you don't notice it at all (it actually surprised me how the picture makes these look like they pooled). I love this colorway, Mosaic Moon Gaia II on Aran BFL, and these worked up really nicely. I hope the new owner loves them.

Nothing new to report for V, she is still having daily seizures and the med increase we did last week has made it so she no longer gets blue lips during a seizure but each seizure lasts longer and she is back to having 4+ a day. We plan to give it a few more days to see if it evens out at all as this med tends to take a full week before we see the true affect of a dose increase, but if it keeps up like this I think we are going to ask to be taken off of it and try something new. It has made her seizures go from relatively short (less then a minute), quite with mostly lip smacking and picking to longer seizures (always more then 2 minutes) with moaning, slapping, scratching, wandering and falling down while wandering. I hate taking her off a med and starting a new one though, the seizure meds have such bizarre side affects that it feels that with every med switch we trade one not so fun one for another. One med made her super hyper and overly aggresive, so we took her off that and put her on a new one that made her anorexic and caused her to throw up during seizures, so we took her off of that and put her on this one which seems to make her seizures worse rather then better and causes her to feel like she has to use the bathroom constantly (that makes car trips loads of fun).

P.S.  If you see my Mom wish her a Happy Birthday!
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