Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!

My last pair of customs for the year and most likely for a few months. These are Mosiac Moon Treasure Map on Aran BFL. I really love knitting this colorway up and I am impressed that it knit up so nicely. These are being mailed out today to their new owner. I have also been working feverishly to finish up my christmas knitting one item left and I will be done!

We also had a kind of last minute appointment with V's Neurologist down state. Her seizures just were not getting any better and we felt that with each increase of the new medication we would decrease her seizure frequency but the seizures themselves would get much worse, not the best trade off. So we discussed our options and we decided to add a third medicine until her surgery. Like all of the other meds this one can have some funky side effects but I am really hoping we won't see any of those. So here is to hoping that a third drug gets some of what we are seeing under control.

I also had a chance to discuss a few other issues we've been seeing. For example after particularly bad seizure days V's pupils are two dramatically different sizes and will stay that way for upwards of 24 hours before they return to the same size. I figured it was "normal" for that to happen sometimes and he assured me it is. We also discussed the keotogenic diet again. He feels (and we agree) that because there is little hope that V will outgrow her seizures the keotogenic diet is not a great option for us. The only way it would provide any therapeutic value is if she stayed on it for life, and that is not a reasonable way to eat for your entire life. He did say he was a firm believer in it but that he preferred to use it in children who have seizures that are resistant to medicine (like V) AND who he feels are likely to outgrow their seizures so the diet would only be used for a relatively short period of time (like less then 10 years versus an entire lifetime). The surgery is her best option to be seizure free, we fully agree but it was good to hear someone confirming that yet again for us.

So really the sum of all of that is that we are kind of in a holding pattern right now until her surgery, just working to do what we can to try and keep her seizures under control with the least amount of side effects until the big day.
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