Monday, August 31, 2009

Where does the time go?

My kids are growing up so fast and while knitting for others I have realized I haven't had a chance to knit for my kids, so recently I decided that I was going to take weekends off to knit for my family and some friends. This was the first weekend following that plan -- I knit on the Night Rider pair on Saturday but cast on a pair of newborn longies for a friend Sunday.

S.A. - Finished legs today, working on cargo pocket and then they will be washed and lanolized and ready to ship out late this week, early next week
Newborn longies - on hold until the weekend :)
NT instock YPI longies - cast on hope to be ready to preview
Sleepsack for baby girl (or for instock if mama's procrastination means it no longer fits baby girl) - arms and collar left

Waiting on yarn for a few more customs as well :)

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