Sunday, March 23, 2008

A satisfying weekend

Two pairs of shorties completed and ready to go, and a third pair on the needles.

First the rainbow shorties -- I finished them last night but weaved my ends and finished the drawstring today. I had initially knit the legs last night with black trim but I was just short and couldn't finish the second leg with black trim. So I pulled out the black trim and finished the legs in the main color. I had just enough yarn, if I had not used the black for the waistband I would not have been able to finish these from one skein. I have not washed and lanolized yet so this picture is unblocked which makes the bottom of the legs look a bit wavy.

And next the Ancient Fern Peace Fleece shorties. I finished these last week but my little helper lost my darning needle so I had to go buy one yesterday to weave my ends and graft the gusset :). These have not been washed or lanolized yet either so again the bottom of the legs look a bit wonky.

I also cast on another pair of peace fleece shorties -- I will post a picture tomorrow!

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