Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holy yarn batman!

First the projects (it justifies the yarn purchases).

I finished a soaker with a new pattern that I am considering purchasing the liscence for. I like it a lot, I will have to get some pictures of V wearing it -- I just need to finish the drawstring and do some fun embellishing on it. It fits her perfectly.

Here is another pair of shorties. Again in Peace Fleece this time the color is Ancient Fern. Coming along nicely.

And now all the yummy wool my maillady brought today.

We'll start with the yarn I didn't buy :) This is Rainbow with Black by A Twisted Stitch. I can't wait to knit this up!

And now the yarn I did buy:
Peace Fleece some to knit items for sale some for summer shorties for V

Purewool for a skirty for V, this is Calypso with 2 skiens of matching trim

Some Blauer Ritter with matching green trim either for V or for woolies to sell (can't decide yet).

And last some Belladonna yarn - this is Retro on BFL. I bought it off FSOT thinking it would be for V but it is a bit boyish. As luck would have it though I bought a few 12 month shirts of ebay (hand dyed in a batik style) all of the shirts but one worked for V. And this yarn matches the shirt almost perfectly so I may just make my first set! I just need to figure out what to knit with the shirt.

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