Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yarn, yarn everywhere

And there should be more arriving! On Thursday I recieved a whole box of peace fleece to knit some custom shorties. The timing was great as I had just finished the magyar capris and am presently in stall mode on joining the legs for Viv's capris/pants (mostly because I can't decide what length I want them or what finish I want to do).

So onto the needles went Baghadad Blue

And my gallery picture of the finished magyar capri's with ruffles

I have plenty of customs lined up to keep me busy for a bit. I have the big box o' peace fleece plus some more peace fleece that should be arriving for another pair of shorties, some yarn arriving for a pair of newborn/small customs, and some acrylic coming for a pair of longies.

Oh and I have recently ordered some peace fleece for myself (and a few skiens to post for semi-customs), Purwewool in calypso and Talia, TIG in the Gwendolyn colorway, and some WWbN in Finnegan and Bouquet for longies next fall. So soon I will be swimming in yarn :)

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