Friday, February 8, 2008

UFO no longer :)

So I had this peace fleece yarn that I used kool-aid to dye back in July/August I started knitting with it in October and for some reason started a pair of capris (not sure why as I live in Maine and Ocotober generally isn't capri weather). So I knit this for a bit and then abandoned them for other projects all winter. I finally finished them the other day (all they needed was a drawstring for about 3 weeks now). So here is V in her new capris -- I am pretty happy with how the yarn came out and can't wait to get some proffesional dye and try my hand at some more vibrant colors.

I have been working this week on a custom pair of capris for trade (a very nice mama traded her graphic design services for knitting -- so I will finally have a nice logo). These are purewool in magyar with matching trim. Oh and excuse the back
ground I was knitting while futzing on the computer -- my normal nightly routine.

And a purewool in colribi II that has become my new UFO (un finished object) I think these may become capris. I just can't decide so I have been stalling on working on these. Luckily V has plenty of woolies so I can take my time with these.

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