Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy Summer top

I was on the hunt for a cute summer top for my youngest R.  It just so happened a friend was looking for testers for just such a top.  I love the fit of this and I have recently fallen in love with the look of smocking.  This top was fun to knit, the smocking was a fun new skill to learn and overall I am very happy with the way this worked up.  I feel silly but I am equally as pleased I had a little pair of lightweight capris that match perfectly with the yarn.  This colorway is WSK Bella on superwash worsted merino with matching brown trim.  For this top (knit in the size 2) I used a full skein of colorway and the full 2 oz of trim, I litreally had about a yard left over of each and to finish the straps I had to wind the second skein (I almost used ribbons to save that skein but wanted to be true to the pattern because I was testing).  Here is Miss R "modeling" (if you can call being bribed to sit on your bike with goldfish modeling) her new summer top.

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