Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've got a bit behind in posting lately but that doesn't mean I'm not knitting!

Here are the Blue's Clues inspired longies just waiting for my long 7's to be freed up so I can begin magic looping the legs.

Next I have the newborn set I am working on, not entirely sure of the colorway or the dyer (I have to remember to ask the owner). I am about half way down the legs, sometime tomorrow I will be done with these and moving on to the cute matching hat, and if I have enough yarn a free cute pair of booties as a special gift to the baby. I'm not sure why but I just can't bear to think of newborns in their cute matching sets barefoot.

And last something I have been working on during the day lately and finished weaving ends tonight a hat using about 2 ounces of yarn a customer sent and some black merino I had on hand (thanks Kimi of A Twisted Stitch). Tomorrow I will get the tassels on and then block them before they head over the border to their new home!
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julie said...

i love that colorway of the hat! I didnt know you made hats too! Yikes my pp is going to runaway lol:)