Monday, November 26, 2007


Man I had not realized it has been so long since I last posted! How time flies when you are a bit stressed and busy. On the home front V had her surgery last Monday, getting ready for that drained me more than I was prepared for. It was for a cyst that had grown to about the size of a small lima bean on the tip of her nose -- originally the doctors were talking about leaving it alone for a little bit, but after going to a consult with a ped surgeon we suddenly got a call that a surgery was schedlued for her the next week (which still makes me nervous even after the surgery -- the last time a surgery was schedlued that fast it was because my mom had cancer). We all made it through and hopefully V will only have a very small hardly noticable scar to show -- although right now the incision goes down the center of almost her entire little nose.

And now on to the knitting - I have finished the cardinal twist longies and those are shipping today. I cast on the Onyx Heather longies last night and plan to work on them a lot this week hopefully the will not take as long as the cardinal longies. I do have pictures but I have to get both girls ready for a doctor apt for V so I will post this for now and come back and add pictures when we get back.

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